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      1. Interstate Grand Tour EXT

        2020 Interstate Grand Tour EXT starting at $189,500
        2020 Interstate Grand Tour EXT Icon_ArrowDown

        The Interstate Grand Tour EXT is a Class B RV that elevates your travel experience when you’re setting out on a long-term journey for two. The very first time you step inside the Grand Tour you’ll find we’ve thought of everything to make your trips more enjoyable – from cooking to freshening up to getting some rest. And it’s that kind of thought that’s made the Interstate line the #1 best-selling Class B diesel motorhome for the past six years. Explore more of the Grand Tour, and then get ready to explore the world around you in complete?comfort.




        Seats Up To


        Sleeps up to


        Floor plan Options

        Interstate Spotlight Video

        Take a closer look at the Interstate – both inside and out. See how the Grand Tour and Lounge floor plans compare to each other, and how the best is built into every area.



        50+ best-in-class features come standard

        We’ve always been focused on quality, standout design, and attention to detail. And in the Grand Tour, the result of our passions is one of the finest Class B RVs on the road. We start with the foundation of a Mercedes-Benz? Sprinter 2500 van chassis and add more than 50 best-in-class features as standard, not upgrades. That means the very best in safety, performance, interior design, comfort, efficiency, and more are all on board each and every time you hit the road.


        Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT Interior Modern Greige

        Kitchen, Bathroom, and Sleeping Space

        Traveling in your Grand Tour means you won’t leave any comforts of home behind. The well-appointed galley kitchen boasts Corian? countertops, in addition to high-quality cabinetry handcrafted from fine woods imported from Italy. The luxurious sleeping quarters ensure a peaceful night’s rest – or a refreshing afternoon nap. And the bathroom is full of clever features that work hard and stay neat and clean.


        Ultra-quiet Generator

        Supplements your power needs


        Tankless Water Heater

        Continuous hot water


        Air Conditioning and Heating

        Powerful and quiet climate control


        Air Ride Suspension

        A smooth ride, mile after mile


        Rear- and Side-view Monitoring

        Cameras to see the rear and sides of the coach


        Multiple Entertainment Viewing Locations

        Watch all your favorite shows and movies

        Why Airstream


        Quality standards unmatched in the industry

        Over the past almost 100 years, the Airstream name has become synonymous quality. Why? Because we build every single travel trailer and touring coach the right way, even if that’s not the easy way.


        Timeless, tasteful design

        Decades of designing RV spaces that welcome you in and keep you inspired long down the road have taught us a few things about how design can turn any trip into the trip of a lifetime.