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      1. 2020 Basecamp? starting at $37,900
        2020 Basecamp? Icon_ArrowDown

        The Basecamp Travel Trailer was made for those who want to see the world. Built for adventure, it’s a small camping trailer that’s tough enough to go anywhere your wanderlust takes you, and comfortable enough to help you really enjoy the time you spend there. Head out to snowboard after the first fresh powder. Spend a week mountain biking deep in the forest. Pack up and go anywhere you please, with nothing holding you back.






        sleeps up to


        floor plan option



        Clean Up, Wind Down, and Recharge

        Basecamp is full of thoughtful, efficient RV features that help you fuel up for the day, then clean up and sack out when it’s all said and done. From the on-board restroom to the convertible living space that forms a relaxing bed, it’s all right there with you, along for the ride. Charge your phone, wake up and make coffee, and then hit the trails again.


        Made to Partner With Your SUV

        Basecamp’s compact, lightweight design opens up all sorts of possibilities. It’s easily towable with a variety of mid-size SUVs, which means you don’t have to make any big changes before you head out for a life-changing adventure. Plus, the aggressive departure angle and large wheels help you tackle more roads with confidence, and side skirts and wheel flares help prevent damage from gravel and debris.


        Plenty of Room For All Types of Gear

        From kayaks to bicycles to fishing gear and more, Basecamp’s design provides plenty of room to load and unload large gear through the 26” x 46” rear hatch. Inside, you have 126” of available cargo depth from the hatch to the galley cabinets without any obstructions in your?way.

        RVBusiness? Magazine’s 2017 RV of the?Year

        Each year,?RVBusiness??editors conduct extensive analysis of RVs at the industry’s three major national shows. And out of all the RVs reviewed, the Airstream Basecamp was the 2017 winner.

        Designed With Adventure-Seekers in Mind


        Bench and Bungee Storage

        Store items safely and securely


        Outdoor Shower

        Clean your gear – or yourself – outside


        Multiple Charging Stations

        Both USB and 110V


        Large Wheels and Tires

        For tackling rougher terrain and cold weather


        A/C, Heat, and Hot Water

        Keeps you comfortable at all times


        Solar Pre-wire Kit

        Stay off the grid even longer

        Why Airstream?


        Quality That Lasts For Generations

        Basecamp is unlike any of our other travel trailers, yet made with the same level of care. Learn about the thoughtful choices that go into Basecamp's design and construction.


        Basecamp 2.0

        Today’s Basecamp is actually a new and improved version of our original model from 2007. Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler walks you through the thought process that went into each step of the updated design.