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      1. International Features

        Design-Centric and Sophisticated

        International Serenity Spotlight Video

        Take a virtual tour of the International Serenity and see the warm tones, cool neutrals, and earthy textures that bring a calming vibe to life.


        Nature, Brought Indoors

        Organic ginkgo and rice paper designs decorate the upper locker and bathroom doors and add real nature to the International Serenity, in celebration of the world around you. They set off an already bright, light space with colorful surprises.


        Panoramic Windows

        The iconic Airstream shape isn’t just aerodynamic. It also allows for panoramic windows that wrap around the curves of the trailer and let natural light fill the interior space. Open them up for a gentle breeze to flow through, watch the landscape as you cook a meal, or watch the sunrise from your bed.

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